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Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 (TFS) is the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft's application lifecycle management (ALM) solution. TFS supports agile development practices, multiple IDEs and platforms locally or in the cloud and gives you the tools you need to effectively manage software development projects throughout the IT lifecycle.

Our engagement team is composed of engineers capable of identifying the right infrastructure to match your current teams' setup. We not only deploy and configure your system. We also conduct deep-dive user training in order for you maximize your investment in TFS and to ensure the success of all of your software development projects.
Deployment Planning

Our engagement with you begins with this planning the TFS deployment. In this phase, we identify your software engineering path and how your development teams collaborate.

We collaborate with you to plan for the installation of TFS and identify the group of people who will manage the servers used in the installation of TFS. We will end this phase by preparing the TFS environment.

Installation and Configuration

During this phase, we will begin by installing all the necessary service releases of the Windows operation system to get ready for TFS installation. We will prepare all the necessary server applications such as SQL Server, and SharePoint. We will then install all the service releases of TFS.

We end this phase by configuring all the services needed to run TFS and make it useful to your development, testing and project teams.

Software Testing
TFS includes a range of testing suites to ensure the quality of your software.

Our engagement includes enabling the TFS Test Lab and we provide you with in-dept training on how to use the testing tools of TFS.
Version Control

At the heart of TFS is the version control. As part of our engagement with you, we will provide a deep dive training to enable your development, testing and project teams use the source code repository of TFS. Among others, we will emphasize of continuous integration and gated check-ins.

Agile Software Development

If you are practicing agile approach when developing software, you can use the built-in agile project template of TFS. if you are using SCRUM, the SCRUM project template matches your project management tool needs.

As past of our engagement with you, we will deliver a two-day workshop about the principles of SCRUM. We will also train your teams how to use the Agile project sites to manage your software development activities including Sprint planning meeting with Task board and updating the Task board during iterations.

Contact Us

You can reach us by sending an email to or use our contact form found at our Contact Us page.

You can also call us now at +63 02 843-1877 or +63 02 856-1583.